February 09, 2013

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain: Sweetheart

Hey guys! Today I have a quick post on this Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart / Valentine. I just recently picked this up because I wanted to try a bright color, and bright it is! This is a lovely bright pink that's perfect for making a statement and standing out. I think it's a lovely color to wear on valentine's day, and it's a stain so whatever you're doing [ ;) ] it won't go anywhere! It lasts all day and sometimes overnight. It's a great buy if you're looking for a good lip stain!

February 03, 2013

New Makeup Storage

Hey guys! So I know I haven't been posting lately, but I've had some serious technical difficulties, but they are fixed, so I'm back! This is my new makeup storage, and I'm thinking of doing a video on it. I really like it and I think it looks tumblr-worthy. :) 

January 27, 2013

Mix It Up // My New Foundation

Hey guys! So today I have a post on my new face product... that I created! While applying my makeup the other day, I realized that my foundation was too light and my bb cream was too dark. So, I mixed them together on the back of my hand and applied it to find that it had the perfect texture and moisture AND was the perfect color! I rooted through my drawers and found this little container that I bought a while ago for depotting my NYX shadow stick (which was a disaster) and mixed the two together inside to make my perfect foundation. I absolutely love it! It has light coverage (just what I need) good moisture, not too thick, and looks natural! I'm thinking about mixing a primer in to make it an all-in-one kind of thing, but I'm not sure yet. 
So if you find yourself in the situation where you don't have the right color foundation, try mixing some. You never know what you might discover ;)

January 24, 2013

Introducing savjenbeauty

Hey guys! So I have an announcement for you all, I left my youtube beauty/fashion channel to make a collab channel with my friend Savannah! This is where I'll be uploading videos and putting my video efforts into, so I decided to stop making videos for my old channel. I hope you guys will check it out and subscribe if you like it, it would mean a lot to both of us! Also, thanks for supporting my blog, you guys are awesome!


elf Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15

Hey guys! So today I have a post about this elf conditioning lip balm in Romantic Rouge, a pretty red color. It comes in a pot (with bulky packaging :P) and I use a lip brush to apply it. It's actually pretty pigmented and smells and tastes AMAZING! I practically lick it off my lips as soon as I put it on... hahah! This costs $3 and you can find it at eyeslipsface.com or target. I think it's worth looking into, if you're into yummy smelling and tasting lip products, and it comes in a few different shades. I believe this one is the darkest, though.

January 20, 2013

Tarte Splendor

Hey guys! So today I'll be reviewing the Tarte Splendor blush. I got this in my Sephora In The Glow Kit that my friend Savannah gave me for Christmas. I'm not really a blush person, so I don't have much to compare this to, but it is really pretty!

It's a shimmery light pink that's perfectly pigmented so that you don't look like a clown. I love the packaging and the imprint of the blush, I really think it adds to the beauty. This is an amazonian clay blush so it's actually good for your skin, and it does last its claims of 12 hours. If you're willing to shell out the money, this is a gorgeous blush! However, I have naturally red cheeks, and I don't like to wear blush often. I've only tried a select few Tarte products, but for the most part I've liked them!

By the way, I started a new channel with my friend Savannah, savjenbeauty
if you want to check that out, I'd appreciate it! I'm starting to really love making videos, but don't worry, I won't abandon my blog! Thanks for reading :)

January 16, 2013

January 14, 2013

Month of Fitness: Happy & Healthy

Hey guys! So I have decided to start something new: a fitness/diet routine. Now I'm not in anyway saying that I need to lose weight because that isn't what I need to do. I need to tone and strengthen my non-existent muscles, work on my flexibility, and try to have a better diet. So I have decided that this will be a month long journey, ending on Valentine's Day! We'll see where it goes from there. To track my progress and posts pertaining to Month of Fitness, I will be labeling all associated posts with mof. First order of business, I'm going to lay down some boundaries for myself.

I'm not a hardcore exerciser, but I do walk my dogs every night with my mom for around an hour. On top of that I have found some youtube videos that I would like to use, mostly yoga. You can see the playlist of videos here I have to do two videos each day, as well as play dance central on my xbox (which is fun anyways hahaha).

I must always eat breakfast. My doctor tells me this is necessary, and when you don't, more fat is produced on your body. Whether it's something as small as a fruit or a yogurt, I still need to eat something.
Lunch! Milk is great for my growing bones, so I can't buy any fancy sugary drinks. Also, no more snacks! I always get cookies or brownies, and I'll start buying fruit instead. Also, I can not buy from the pizza and fries line for the month. (My school has a center line that has things like that.)
Snacks: I can have one snack a day, no more.
For dinner, I will drink water, but eat whatever my parents feed me. Haha :)
Throughout the day, I must drink lots of water. Water is so good for you and your skin, so it's essential to have with you at all times.
*remember, this diet isn't a diet for losing weight, it's an attempt to feel and be healthier.

I hope you guys enjoy this new series, as I know I have never done posts of this genre, but I am very excited to start! I'll be keeping a journal and posting every friday.

January 12, 2013

elf Undereye Concealer & Highlighter

Recently from Target I picked up this elf under eye concealer and highlighter. It was $3 and I got it in the shade fair. It comes with two ends, essentially two products in one. One side is the concealer side, and the other is a highlighter. I like using both sides in conjunction to brighten and conceal under eye circles. As you can see in the pictures above, I make a ring around my eye with the concealer side, and then proceed to place one dot of highlighter in the center. When it's all blended out, your under eye circles are gone and the area is brightened. You can also use the highlighter side as an eye shadow base, the packaging mentions, but I haven't tried that. It's very sparkly so I wouldn't necessarily recommend using it as a face highlighter, but for your inner corner and cupid's bow, it could be a lovely highlight. I have been really enjoying this product and I'm glad I bought it! The only downside is that it's not great for covering blemishes because it is aimed towards the under eye, so you kind of need to have two concealers, another one for blemishes. 

Price: 5/5
Coverage: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.75/5

I definitely recommend this concealer!

As usual, I have found another product I love from elf, a brand with great prices and good quality products. 

January 08, 2013

Review: elf Custom Eyes singles

Ivory/Pink Ice/Wisteria/Wheat/Moondust/Aubergine

Hey guys! Today I have a review on these elf Custom Eyes singles. They cost $1 and are the same size as a mac eyeshadow. Mac eyeshadows cost $12 each, 12x the cost of a single eyeshadow from elf. They have a large range of colors, but these were the only ones available in my target. You can find the rest online. You can also buy a palette from elf that holds 4 of these for $1, but since I had space in my mac palette I put them in there. I bought 6: ivory, a shimmery white, pink ice, a very light shimmery pink, wisteria, a shimmery light lilac/pinkish purple, wheat, a shimmery golden brown, moondust, a shimmery medium brown, and aubergine, a shimmery plum/eggplant. These eyeshadows are nicely pigmented, very soft, and buttery. When using them, you should definitely not swirl your brush, because it will cause a lot of fallout. A simple tap will give you the product needed, similar to wet n wild eyeshadows. The lighter colors aren't shockingly pigmented especially on the eyes, but hey, they are light colors. WIsteria, the light lilac/pink definitely isn't quite as vibrant on the eyes, but all the darker colors show up lovely. Now, here's for the shocking thing: I like these better than my mac eyeshadows! I'm the first one to admit I love me some expensive makeup with fancy name brands, but when it comes down to price and what works best, I have to side with these little babies. I'm so excited to try more colors, because the website has so many more gorgeous options! So, overall, even if you don't have a mac palette, get an elf quad and fill it. These are definitely worth the $5 it'll cost you to make the palette.

Pigmentation: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Color Selection: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5

January 06, 2013

Target Haul! (elf, maybelline, & more)

elf Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in fair
elf Custom Eyes eyeshadow singles: Ivory, Moondust, Wheat, Wisteria, Aubergine, & Pink Ice
Clean & Clear moisturizer
Black sheer tights
Maybelline Line Stiletto in Blackest Black

Hey guys! So I went to target and picked up a few things and I figured I would show you! I realized my concealer was getting a bit too dark for me, so first I got this elf under eye concealer and highlighter that I've had my eyes on for a while. Also, I found out that the elf singles fit in mac palettes! I've had my mac palette since June and I only have 3 eyeshadows in it, so I figured why not fill maybe half of it with elf eyeshadows? My first impression of these shadows is that they're super pigmented and buttery and soft. The moisturizer I purchased because I need to pay more attention to my skin. I don't really do much besides wash it, which probably isn't enough, so I picked up a moisturizer. The black sheer tights were a must have for me, because they match just about anything. My obsession with tights is growing... (I bought 6 pairs from Charlotte Russe about two weeks ago). Finally, I got the maybelline line stiletto in blackest black because I have it in black/brown and I wanted black too. I'll be doing some reviews on these products, so keep a look out! Thanks for reading :)

January 03, 2013

Mac Fabulousness Palette: Holiday Gift

Hey guys! Today I have a post about this gorgeous mac palette that I got from my sister for Christmas. It's part of the holiday collection, but the eyeshadows inside can be bought full size. First let me just say, the packaging is ADORABLE! Mint with a bow? So cute. I keep this on top of my makeup storage, one for fear of it getting dirty, but also because I want to show it off! It's decorative and useful.

The eyeshadows it comes with are Blonde Mink, Magical Mist, Brun, Enviable, and Smut. It also comes with a mini 213 brush!

Left to right:
Blonde Mink: a neutral light grayish-tan color with shimmer
Magical Mist: a sparkly light taupe
Brun: a darker brown, appears matte but it a satin
Enviable: gorgeous shimmery teal/silver
Smut: a nice dark brown

Isn't it a beauty! It suits my blue/green eyes very well. You can go dramatic and dark, or light, or even colorful because of Enviable. These shadows are absolutely gorgeous and the face that they're not crazily pigmented makes them easier to work with in my opinion. As for the brush, it's kind of tiny, so not quite so useful, hahaha. Anyways, so overall I really like these shadows. I have quite a small Mac collection, so this added to it. So far I have only tried Mac eyeshadows. I would really like to try some lipstick, lipglass, and highlighters. Maybe in the future! 

Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey guys! So I was nominated for the versatile blogger award by Catherine, so here it is!

The rules of the award:
- Thank the blogger who awarded you
- Share 7 random facts about yourself
- Nominate 7 fellow bloggers
- Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been awarded
- Add the Versatile Blogger badge to your blog

7 Facts About Me:
-I'm 15 and in 10th grade!
-I started wearing makeup in 8th grade.
-When I first started wearing makeup, I refused to wear mascara! And I was scared of eyelash curlers. Now I use both everyday xD
-I have 3 dogs: a shichon, a french bulldog, and a bullmastiff.
-I have an obsession with boots.
-I did dance for 10 years, until I moved.
- I've been in 3 different school districts!

Now on to who I nominate:
Pretty Little Fashionista
Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cosmetics
Sophie Said
Style Delight
Beautiful Onyx and Mick
Katie's Blog
901 Lovely

January 02, 2013

Best of 2012!

Hey guys! So, since 2012 is over, I figured I'd do a best of 2012 post! I couldn't choose just 12 products of course... Anyways; this was my first year of blogging and I'm so happy to have another year to connect with more beauty lovers and discover new products! I wonder what will happen by the time I'm writing my Best of 2013 post! Exciting things to think about. Anyways, on to the post!

Left to right:
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Auburn Breeze
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Just Enough Buff
Revlon Lipbutter in Berry Smoothie
Sugar Rose Lip Treatment

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette
Maybelline Color Tattoo Barely Beige
Maybelline Line Stiletto in Black/Brown
Maybelline Megaplush Waterproof Mascara
Not Shown: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

Maybelline fit Me Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Tarte Clean Slate Flawless Primer
Benefit High Beam

January 01, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

So 2012 is finally over, and we have now entered 2013! This will be my second year having my blog. In June it will be my one year anniversary of blogging. How exciting! I reached my 100 followers goal just before new years, and I'm so happy about that. I'm looking forward to an awesome year with all of you! For now, here are my New Year's resolutions.

  • Reach 200 followers
  • Reach 100 subscribers on youtube 
  • Get my driving permit
  • Keep up my good grades
  • Get a job!
  • Become more fashionable
Let's see what I can accomplish in a year!