October 01, 2014

New Organization - Makeup, Palettes, & Brushes

Hey guys!
Recently while at Walmart I bought this clear tray organizer, and used it to get a better handle on organizing my beauty products. While lately I've been minimizing by only using eyeliner and mascara, I decided that I would be more encouraged to do my makeup if it was laid out in front of me, all organized and at an arm's reach. I designated the two back corner compartments for eyeliner and mascara, the front compartments for eyeshadow and face products, and in the middle back there are lip products and primers. As for my makeup brushes, what else other than a mason jar could even be considered? I bought clear pebbles and pearl beads and mixed them together in the bottom of the jar, then placed all of my makeup brushes in. A cute decoration - but also useful! Then in the very back I have an orange container holding all of my palettes. It's easy to collect a massive amount of makeup, but I've decided to minimize the makeup I purchase and attempt to begin to use more of it more often.

Thanks for reading!
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September 28, 2014

The Nudes Palette by Maybelline

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be showing you this little beauty that I found at Walmart today: The Nudes by Maybelline. This palette was $9.89 and comes with 12 different shadows, with a variety of mattes and shimmers. Upon inspection it reminded me heavily of my naked palette (more on that later). I decided to purchase it and see how it is! 

The packaging is quite simple, just plain black.

Here are all of the colors in the packaging, and down below are some swatches! They're all over an e.l.f. primer. As you can see, the dark colors are very pigmented. The lighter colors still show up, but since they are light, it's harder to see, especially on my pale skintone...

Upon comparison with my Naked palette, I found some pretty close dupes! The top two are from the Maybelline palette and the bottom two are from the naked palette. Dupes for smog and sin, not too bad for $10! I can see a lot of versatility in the palette as there is a great variety of looks from light to dark to create, even a black eyeshadow that shows up very well! Looking forward to creating some looks with the palette. Hope everyone is enjoying their fall so far! xx

September 09, 2014

One Year Later...

After an unusually long hiatus, I've decided to return to my blog. It's been about a year and a half... but I'd really like to rediscover my passion for blogging and all things beauty, so keep an eye out. Big changes coming xx