August 06, 2012

ULTA Brand Makeup Reviews!

I have acquired a few products from ULTA's makeup line; some amazing, and some not so great.

First I have two of their extreme wear whipped eye shadows. They are liquid-ish creams that harden when dry, which allows them to stay on for so long. They have a great wear time, when I wear them to school they're still perfectly there when I get home after around 8 hours. I have one in Cream Puff and one in Tiramisu Cream. I love love love the tiramisu cream (right one). It's amazing and perfect for every day. However, the cream puff one is definitely a miss. It looks like a light pink, but it sheers out to be an almost white streaky color that's not flattering and has no use whatsoever. These usually cost $8 but ULTA always has great sales and deals on their products, so you can get them for much cheaper.
So I love tiramisu cream, and strongly dislike cream puff. 

Next I have some eyeshadows. On the left is just one of their singles in Sage. It's a light green with no visible sparkles in it. On the right is a baked eyeshadow duo in Sweet Dreams. The right side of it is a pinky-purple, and the marbled side comes off as a cool light brown. Neither of these shadows have astounding pigmentation. 
The baked eyeshadow has the worst in my opinion. Even when used wet it's difficult to get lots of pigmentation off of it. You really have to build it up for it to be visible on the eyes. The baked eyeshadows are regularly $8.
Sage has a little bit better pigmentation that Sweet Dreams, though.My sister has lots of other eyeshadow singles from ULTA that are nicely pigmented, so maybe Sage is just sheer because it's a light color. I still do like it though. The single eyeshadows are regularly $7, but like I said you can get some amazing deals. They have a huuuge color selection so that's great. 

Next I have one of their tinted lip balms in Sweet. This is my go-to lip product for everyday. It's very sheer, but moisturizing and gives a nice little tint to the lips. It does have visible sparkle in it, but you can't see it when you apply it to your lips. It gives them a nice sheen. I love this. They go for $6.00 regularly. 

Then I have a gel eyeliner in Peacock, a fun turquoise color. This eyeliner is creamy and pigmented, and I love it for a pop of color on my waterline. It costs $8 regularly.

Here is swatches of everything.
Left to Right: Sweet Dreams Baked Eyeshadow, Peacock Eyeliner, Sage Eyeshadow, Cream Puff, Tiramisu Cream, Sweet Tinted Lip Balm

So that's all of the ULTA brand makeup I have! If you have any other ULTA makeup you love or hate, share it with a comment!

*Sorry that this post is so lengthy!


  1. Love the baked shadow! I don't own no ulta brand cosmetics yet, but might pick some up next time i'll go there!
    Isn't elf super great, that's really not bad...i love how quick they got back with me after i told them this applicator was broken

  2. I don't own any of this brand, but it looks like there are some good products here! The whipped eye shadows are intriguing!

    1. they were the first thing i bought! they're very unique