July 18, 2012

Break from Blogging!

So, my birthday is coming up in August and I picked out a camera that I really want that will definitely improve my blogging skills with clearer pictures and better quality pictures that show the colors and products muuch better. Anyways, when I get my birthday money I'm going to go out and buy it, but I'm going to take a break from blogging until then, because I don't feel that my posts are good quality if the pictures aren't good. So, I will continue blogging after August 11th. (my 15th birthday!!) I'll be working on blog post ideas so that when I come back I'll have some great stuff to post!

Products I Regret Buying

So today I'm doing a post about products I regret buying. These are products I definitely wouldn't repurchase. I do have a lot of things I regret buying, but I felt like they all needed to be included. These range from nail polishes, to makeup, and a hair product. I'll put why I won't repurchase them also.

ULTA Nail Polish in Peach Parfait: too streaky
Funky Fingers Nail Polishes: streaky, messy, terrible quality

L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow: inconvenient packaging, hard to get to the product, the brush it comes with gets smashed and messed up

Covergirl Lipstick in Sugar Almond: too much shimmer, shows the lines in your lips 
NYX Lipstick in Vitamin: too much sparkle
Wet N Wild Lipgloss in Cherish: basically pure shimmer

aussie anti-frizz cream: didn't do anything

Maybelline ultra liner waterproof: I don't like the brush, crumbles when you wear it too long and gets stuck in your eyelashes
elf liquid liner in silver: too liquidy, doesn't apply well
NYC pencil liner: hard to get any color on your waterline, too waxy not creamy enough

elf clarifying pressed powder in ivory: too powdery, too much fall-out, makes you look cakey, you can see the powder on your face

ULTA extreme wear cream eyeshadow in Creme Puff: I have one of these in tiramisu cream that I love, but this one doesn't have as much pigmentation and is hard to find uses for. It's light pink in the packaging but turns to a extremely sheer white shimmery color.
elf duo cream eyeshadow in butter pecan: barely any pigmentation, feels sort of greasy
covergirl quad in pure romance: don't use it much, pigmentation isn't great, shadows aren't easy to work with
revlon quad in neutral khaki's: pigmentation isn't great, lots of fallout when used to much, kind of powdery and messy

elf stipple brush: bristles aren't dense at all

So those are all of the products I regret buying, keep in mind a lot of them were inexpensive, and that's really what you could expect out of some of the products. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post! 

July 16, 2012

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Review!

I'm always up for trying out new lipglosses, and since I have 3 of these, I figured I could review them! These are the NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses! They can be found at ULTA, and NYX has prices similar to drugstore brands. You can also find them online at cherryculture.com for great prices! I don't have a picture on here that shows the lid, but the packaging is adorable! They have cute little bows on the top! I have them in 3 shades, and I love them all!

top: french kiss, a natural berry color with sparkle
middle: nude peach, a lighter pink with sparkle
bottom: beige, a matte natural berry  color (basically the matte version of french kiss)

Pro's: a little goes a long way, smells like candy, inexpensive, not too sticky but stays on for a good amount of time, good color selection, good pigmentation

Con's: some have too much sparkle in them and if you use too much it tends to gather around the edges of your lips (as I said, a little goes a long way!)
Overall rating: 4.5/5
I totally recommend these!

July 14, 2012

elf Eyeshadow Look: Naturally Golden

So I was playing around with my new products from elf, and I came up with this really pretty eyeshadow look that I thought I would share! elf is one of my favorite drugstore brands because of it's great prices, and many of their products turn out to be amazing! This is a very affordable look, but is still gorgeous. The pictures don't completely show it justice because I couldn't have natural lighting,

Studio Eyeshadow Single in Oatmeal ($3)
Brightening Eye Color in Day 2 Night ($1)
Mineral Eyeshadow in Golden ($3)
I took the oatmeal eyeshadow and put that all over the lid, I used the taupe color from the Day 2 Night quad and put that on my outer corner and in the crease, and then patted a tiny bit of golden onto the center of the lid for extra sparkle.

July 11, 2012

elf Mineral Eyeshadow: Swatches & Review!

from left to right: innocent, sweet, golden, earthy, dreamy

innocent, the white one, is the only matte color i ordered. they don't have many matte shades.

from left to right: caffeinated, socialite, royal, outdoorsy, wild

Color Selection: 5/5 
There's a really good selection for colors, I had trouble picking which ones I wanted to try!
Pigmentation: 3/5
The pigmentation is best on the matte white and the darker colors.
Amount of Product For Price: 5/5
For only $3, I think these are worth it.
Blendability: 4/5
Pretty easy to work with, except they're messy (but that's how it is with most powders)
Overall Rating: 4/5
These are great colors, and they do have pretty good pigmentation, except for a couple of the lighter colors.  I can apply most without a primer and you can still see the color and it doesn't look chalky, although I'd recommend a primer so that it sticks better and glitter doesn't get all over your face, because that's likely to happen with how glittery these are. A little bit goes a long way, so you have to be very light with how much you pick up, and be sure to tap off excess. A good use for these is to add a bit of sparkle into an eyeshadow look by patting a small amount to the center of the lid, but since they are soo glittery, I wouldn't recommend using multiple on the same look because then you'll just be extremely sparkly and it will probably fall onto your cheeks and make your face sparkle, which isn't very attractive! 

July 10, 2012

Mac Palette: Newest Addition

I got my Mac palette in New York City a few weeks ago, and I only had one eyeshadow to go in it. So my plan was to accumulate the 15 eyeshadows overtime. I finally bought my next color, satin taupe! This one is extremely popular and I'm sure everyone has already heard of it. It's a gorgeous taupe color (of course) and it looks amazing as a crease color if I use honey lust all over my lid. I can already tell, I am going to be a mac addict!

Huge elf Haul!

So elf was having a spend $30, get 10 free mineral eyeshadows deal. The mineral eyeshadows are $3 each, so basically, if you spend $30, you get $30 of eyeshadows for free. So I jumped on it! Since I got a good amount of stuff, I'm not going to do swatches yet, but my next couple of posts will probably be reviews and swatches of the items.

essential lipstick in fearless $1, conditioning lip balm spf 15 in romantic rouge $3, glossy gloss in tangy tangerine $3

all over color stick in spotlight $1, healthy glow bronzing powder in luminance $1

studio single eyeshadow in oatmeal $3, brightening eye color in day 2 night $1, duo eyeshadow cream in butter pecan $1, glitter eyeshadow in beachy chic $2

liquid eyeliner in silver $1, mineral eyeshadows in earthy, golden, wild, sweet, innocent, royal, outdoorsy, dreamy, socialite, caffeinated (not in that order) $3

studio stipple brush $3, essentials fan brush $1, eyeliner brush $1, blending eyebrush $1, smudge eye sponge $1, crease brush $1, brow comb $1

So yeah, I got a LOT of stuff from elf. I do have lots of elf makeup that I love, so I'm hoping these products will be winners also! 

July 09, 2012

Eyeshadow Look: Teal & Purple

So after watching emilynoel83's newest tutorial on youtube, I decided that I wanted to give the teal/purple look a try, and I really do love it. It's really simple and really glamorous, perfect for a party or a dinner.

What I Used:
elf 100 color pro palette 
ULTA pencil eyeliner in peacock
NYX eyeshadow base

1. Apply a primer or a base all over your lid and a little bit into your crease. I used NYX's eyeshadow base in white.
2. Take a medium teal color and place that all over your lid.
3. Take a darker teal color and lightly pat that on your outer corner.
4. Lightly fluff a dark purple into your crease
5. Apply a teal eyeliner on your waterline. I used one from ULTA. 
6. Curl your lashes really well and really build up that mascara to give the look it's finishing touch.

OOTD: Cute & Casual

Today I had to go to my mom's office for the day so this is what i wore! I paired a flowy light pink button - up with a polka dot oatmeal cami, with my new shorts from aeropostale that have a cute pink button! As for accessories, I wore my whistle necklace that is gold with pink crystals.
Necklace: Forever 21
Shirt: Forever 21
Cami: Can't Remember
Shorts: Aeropostale

July 03, 2012

Small Haul!

So I was at RiteAid and I saw that they had Covergirl makeup for buy one get one 50% off, so I decided to get two of their single eyeshadows I've been wanting. The left one is called 'champagne' and the rightt one is called 'tapestry taupe'. I also picked up a petites nail polish in passion orange, which is more of a coral color.  It's not the best quality nail polish, but it's a gorgeous color. It's on my nails in the second picture. Lastly, I saw that RiteAid had their own makeup brushes, and I am always in need of more brushes, so I decided to get one. It's just the single eyeshadow brush and it's actually really soft and works pretty well. I'm impressed with the quality. So that was all I got from Rite Aid! Hope you enjoyed this small haul.

July 01, 2012

Most Wanted: June 2012!

So those are the products I am really wanting at the moment! I could go on and on and list a million, but I picked these 4 as my absolute most wanted for this month. Hopefully I'll get them by the end of June! :)

Color Discovery: Olive!

So as I've been playing around with my eyeshadow, I discovered a new color that I never thought I would like or would look good on me: olive green! It looks beautiful as a crease color with a golden brown all over the lid. It brings out the green in my eyes really well. It may seem scary to try, but it's totally worth it! I think it'd look great with pretty much all eye colors. You can use it as a crease color for a softer less dramatic look, an outer-half color for a smokier effect, or if you really dig dark colors try it as your lid color! So I challenge you - try this gorgeous color out!