July 11, 2012

elf Mineral Eyeshadow: Swatches & Review!

from left to right: innocent, sweet, golden, earthy, dreamy

innocent, the white one, is the only matte color i ordered. they don't have many matte shades.

from left to right: caffeinated, socialite, royal, outdoorsy, wild

Color Selection: 5/5 
There's a really good selection for colors, I had trouble picking which ones I wanted to try!
Pigmentation: 3/5
The pigmentation is best on the matte white and the darker colors.
Amount of Product For Price: 5/5
For only $3, I think these are worth it.
Blendability: 4/5
Pretty easy to work with, except they're messy (but that's how it is with most powders)
Overall Rating: 4/5
These are great colors, and they do have pretty good pigmentation, except for a couple of the lighter colors.  I can apply most without a primer and you can still see the color and it doesn't look chalky, although I'd recommend a primer so that it sticks better and glitter doesn't get all over your face, because that's likely to happen with how glittery these are. A little bit goes a long way, so you have to be very light with how much you pick up, and be sure to tap off excess. A good use for these is to add a bit of sparkle into an eyeshadow look by patting a small amount to the center of the lid, but since they are soo glittery, I wouldn't recommend using multiple on the same look because then you'll just be extremely sparkly and it will probably fall onto your cheeks and make your face sparkle, which isn't very attractive! 


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  3. I love them :) the colors look so gorgeous :)

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