December 12, 2012

Conair Spiral Curlers

Hey guys! Today's post is about these Spiral Curlers from Conair. They're flexible sticks and come into two sizes: the blue are smaller than the pink. It comes with 18, so even if you have thick hair you don't need to worry. What you do, is when your hair is wet you wrap it around in a spiral, and then bend the ends over to hold the hair in place. After that, you can blow dry your hair or sleep on it until it dries.
I use bobby pins to keep mine in place better because the first time I tried them, they fell out while I slept! The second picture is how my hair looked when I took it out of the curlers. This is a great no heat way to curl your hair. I use to curl my hair at least 3 days out of the week with a curling iron, but now I can get the curls I want without heat! I got my curlers at target for about $13.

At the end of the day my hair fell out a little, and this is how it looked! Without hairspray!
When your hair dries, it tends to stay in form better than when curled with heat. The same thing goes for when you braid your hair at night, you don't have to use hair spray. 

Overall, these curlers have become my everyday hair. I love curls, and now I can get them without any damage to my hair.


  1. Great post! my hair is terrible at curling, it just fuzzes up lol thanks for following my blog, following back :)