December 27, 2012

1 Bobbypin + Second Day Curls

Hey guys! Today I'm doing another hair post because it got some votes on my poll and I hardly ever do any. This is how to style second day curls with one bobbypin. Sounds kinda random, I know, but sometimes all you can find is a single bobbypin and you gotta fix your hurr! Anyways, here are two easy hairstyles.

1. Gather your hair to the side opposite your part
2. Take one piece of hair from the side of your part, and twist it around your hair, forming what looks like a hair tie.
3. Place the bobby pin in the back of your ponytail to hide it.

1. Take two pieces of hair from either side of your head
2. Twist them together in the back of your head
3. Slide the bobbypin horizontally across the twisted part

So those are the two styles I came up with. I hope you enjoyed this post! :)

Oh! And I'm at 98 followers. Giveaway at 100!


  1. i do the second one very often.i love the first idea and will try it too.great post.thx fr sharing


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