December 28, 2012

Products I Don't Use Enough #2

Hey guys! So today I am doing my second 'Products I Don't Use Enough' post. These are products that are really great and that I love, but I just hardly use them!

First, at the top left, is my elf duo eyeshadow cream in Butter Pecan. These make great bases for eyeshadow.

At the top right is my ULTA whipped eyeshadow in tiramisu. I absolutely love this. It stays on all day without a primer and has great pigmentation

Last, my NYX lip glosses. These are so pigmented and nice looking, but I just don't wear gloss all that often. Top is french kiss, middle is beige, and bottom is nude peach.

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  1. I love the idea of this post!! I have so many products that I love as well but just don't use for whatever reason.
    And I just purchased a couple of NYX lip glosses... I'm in love already!! So pretty :)


  2. really great blog! Want to follow each other? If so, then commenting on us, so we know that we will follow you. (: ♥
    Love, Anna: *

  3. I need to wear more lip gloss! I normally stick to lipstick but I've told myself to wear lip gloss more in the new year :) I will follow your blog!xxx

  4. Lovely blog! ^^ Wanna follow each other? Let me know :)