June 25, 2012

Eyeshadow Look: Neutral Sparkle

Today I did an eyeshadow look that pulled colors from many different brands of shadows.

What I used:
NYX Eyeshadow Base in White
Mac Shadow: Honey Lust
Maybelline Eyestudio quad in Taupe Temptress (top quad)
Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Neutral Khakis (bottom quad)
Hard Candy Kal-eye-descope Baked Eyeshadow Duo in High Maintenance

What I did first was use NYX Eyeshadow Base  all over my lid. Then I used the cream color out of the Hard Candy Duo Baked Shadow all over my lid. Then, I went back in with my Revlon eyeshadow palette in  and used the golden brown color on my outer corner. Next I mixed the second Hard Candy Duo brown shadow mixed in with the darkest brown from the Revlon palette in my crease. Then, I took Mac's Honey Lust and patted that in the center of my eyelid. Finally, I took the white sparkly color from my Maybelline palette and used it on my inner corner. Although it did show up pretty well on camera, I think my flash toned down the brown golden colors that were present.

Since this look is so shimmery, I would recommend using makeup remover to swipe under your eyes to make sure the glitter that fell doesn't stay. (I didn't for this picture however). No one wants to look shimmery all over their face! 

June 24, 2012

Travel Makeup: Going Boating!

So today I went on a boat with my family for the day, and although I didn't really need makeup, I decided to bring the minimal amount. 

I put what I brought in this cute little makeup bag I got from K-Mart last year.

One thing I brought that was completely non-beauty related: Trident Layers gum! This flavor is amazing: juicy berry and tangy tangerine. It's definitely my favorite flavor of all of the Trident Layers.

Then, of course, I brought a mirror. This one's from Forever 21 and it was about $3.

Next I brought my Maybelline concealer, just in case I needed to conceal any blemishes or if my under-eye circle were bad.

To protect my lips from the sun, I brought my softlips lip protectant with 20 SPF. This is great for keeping your lips moisturized and unaffected by the sun.

Finally, I brought my Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara and a Revlon eyelash curler.

So that was all I brought when I went on the boat. (Although my mom brought other stuff like sunscreen!)

June 23, 2012

Hard Candy Kal-eye-descope Baked Eyeshadow Duo Review

So on my recent trip to walmart I bought this baked eyeshadow duo by Hard Candy in 'high maintenance.' It was $6. The colors are extremely shimmery, but nicely pigmented and really have a glow to them. It has two colors: a shimmery cream and a shimmery medium brown. The colors are pretty easy to apply and blend, although the brown is a bit more difficult to work with. Overall, I think it was worth the $6.

Color Payoff: 4 out of 5
Price: 5 out of 5
Workability: 3 out of 5
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

June 22, 2012

Walmart Haul

I stopped at Walmart and picked up a few things today. Here's what I got!
I got some black lace ribbon because I'm planning on doing some different DIY's and making some cool clothes. It was on sale for $1.50, so I figured I'd find some use for it. I also got two small containers (the pink things) because I'm going to depot some cream eyeshadow sticks. It cost 97 cents for both of them.

I also got St. Ives Apricot Cleanser because I've heard so many great things about it, and I've been searching for a good cleanser. This was $3.27

I've never gotten foundation before because I never thought I really needed it; I don't have acne or blotchiness really, just some redness on my cheeks (natural blush! hah) but I figured I'd try some and see how I liked it. I got Covergirl's clean foundation for normal skin in the color 'Ivory'. It was only $5.94. To go with my foundation I also got some powder to go over it. This is the covergirl oil control powder in 'Buff Beige' and it was also $5.94.

I was also running out of my Covergirl Natureluxe mascara, so I picked up my all time favorite mascara, the lash blast volume version. This normally comes in the orange tube, but it's a special version for the olympics. It was also $5.94!

From Hard Candy, I got this baked eyeshadow duo in 'High Maintenance"
The colors have the most beautiful shine and glow to them, and great pigmentation. (I swatched them as soon as I left the store!) This was $6.

Lastly I got another Revlon Lip Butter. I already have one in 'Tutti Frutti' that I loved so much I decided to get another color. This one is in 'Strawberry Shortcake' and it's a really pretty barbie-like pink. This was $6.48

So that's all I got from Walmart. Hope you enjoyed this haul!

June 21, 2012

Pure Romance by Covergirl

A few weeks ago I picked up this Covergirl quad in "Pure Romance" I think the name fits it perfectly. These eyeshadows are perfect for a date or a wedding. It even includes a highlight color, for your browbone and your inner corner. Although when you first buy it, it's a bit hard to get the shadows to come off, the more you use it the easier application is. Even the applicator that comes with it works well. The one side is a little more pointed, perfect for applying the darkest color into the crease. The pigmentation isn't necessarily amazing, but the colors work and they are still really gorgeous. 

 To get this look I used my NYX eyeshadow base. Then i applied the 2nd color from the left, a pink-ish shimmery color all over the lid. I put the darker taupe into the crease and used the white for the browbone highlight and the inner corner. I didn't actually use the lightest pink because I didn't really think I needed it.

June 20, 2012

Eyeshadow Look

Today I felt like creating an eyeshadow look, so I decided to use some eyeshadow I don't use often. All the products used were extremely affordable, and I love them all. 

What I Used:
NYX Eyeshadow Base in White
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt
ULTA Baked Eyeshadow in Sweet Dreams
Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad in Taupe Temptress

First I applied the NYX Eyeshadow base all over the lid, then applied the NYX jumbo eye pencil over top of that. I took the multi-colored half of the ulta eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush and put that right over top of everything else. Then, I took the taupe color in the Maybelline quad and put that in the outer corner and the crease very lightly. I blended it out a bit, then I went back and put the NYX jumbo eye pencil in yogurt on my inner corner as the highlight.

June 19, 2012

New Shoes

Today I went to Kohl's because I had some Kohl's cash to spend (you spend $50, they give you $10) While I was there, I got these adorable shoes. They were originally 50, but they were on sale for $24. They're by Mootsies Tootsies, which I've never heard of before, but they're super comfy! They're flipflop style but they also have a cute bow and a small wedge heel. I'll definitely get lots of use out of these. They're very versatile and were a great price.

June 18, 2012

e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Today I'm going to review my elf eyeshadow palette. It has 100 colors and costs $10. It's great for beginners that don't want to spend a lot of money, but want a lot of variety. Or, people like me, who want to play around with brighter colors but never actually wear them in public. (hehe) Certain colors are better than others.The darker colors tend to have better pigmentation. The blacks, have absolutely nothing! No pigmentation! One thing about the shadows is that some of them are really hard to pick up any shadow from! To do some swatches I had to rub my brush into them and still barely picked up anything! And then for other colors, the shadow comes off so easy it falls off of my eyelid and onto my face. Some of it is too powdery, and some of it is too difficult. They aren't very easy to blend... the colors just smear together. Not great quality, but I mean what can you expect... But no matter how sucky it is, it's fun to play around with the brighter colors.

New York City Haul: Clothes

Also in NYC, I got some clothes (not many).
First at American Eagle they were having their buy one short and get a second for $10, so I went simple and got jean shorts and tan shorts. It was $50 for both of them.

Then, at Forever 21, I got a plain brownish-peachy-pink shirt with a sheer stripe going down the back. It was about 14, and is a great simple shirt that's very versatile.

I tried on so many things at so many different stores, but I hardly liked anything! Everything was too short, too long, too big, too small, and just fit weird. So, my shopping wasn't exactly easy. :P

Then, a few days ago after I got back I got a bikini top from H&M that I figured I'd throw into this haul, since it's only one thing. Its black and tan, and looks like a bandu top, but it has a rope-style halter tie strap with two tassles. It's super cute, but they didn't have the bottoms in my size, so now I'm on the search for a plain black bottom. The top was about $15.

NYC Haul: Mac

So I stopped at Mac in New York and made my very first purchase! I got the eyeshadow palette and got one pan-form eyeshadow to go in it. I could've gotten more, but I decided not to spend ALL of my money on makeup. I'm going to work up to a full palette over time, so that it doesn't seem as if I'm spending so much on it (even though I am.)
The color I got was Honey Lust. It's a golden brown eyeshadow. It's super pigmented and easy to apply, and I'm very impressed with the quality of it. Mac is definitely an amazing brand.

New York City Haul: Jewelry

So last week I went to New York City with my family for a day trip, and I did some shopping. New York City has amazing shopping - but the tax is awful!
First I went to China Town and I got a scarf and a ring. The scarf is pink and lacey, and triangle shaped. The ring has 3 chain links and the middle one has jewels on it. The scarf was about 10 dollars, and the ring was 3.

Next I stopped at a jewelry boutique and got one necklace. It has a jeweled 'J' as a pendant (because my name is Jen) and then two silver tassle-like things hanging below the J. It was about $10 and a cute twist on regular letter necklaces.
From Forever 21 I got some bracelets and a pocket mirror. The mirror is small and just says 'Paris' on it. It was about $3. The bracelets were 2 gold bangles and then a gold clip bracelet with a bow that was bejeweled in peachy-pinky jewels. They were $9.80.
[Picture Here]

So that's all of the jewelry I got from New York City. I didn't get much, because I only got things I really loved due to the crazy tax and how I can get a lot of the stuff closer to home.