June 18, 2012

New York City Haul: Jewelry

So last week I went to New York City with my family for a day trip, and I did some shopping. New York City has amazing shopping - but the tax is awful!
First I went to China Town and I got a scarf and a ring. The scarf is pink and lacey, and triangle shaped. The ring has 3 chain links and the middle one has jewels on it. The scarf was about 10 dollars, and the ring was 3.

Next I stopped at a jewelry boutique and got one necklace. It has a jeweled 'J' as a pendant (because my name is Jen) and then two silver tassle-like things hanging below the J. It was about $10 and a cute twist on regular letter necklaces.
From Forever 21 I got some bracelets and a pocket mirror. The mirror is small and just says 'Paris' on it. It was about $3. The bracelets were 2 gold bangles and then a gold clip bracelet with a bow that was bejeweled in peachy-pinky jewels. They were $9.80.
[Picture Here]

So that's all of the jewelry I got from New York City. I didn't get much, because I only got things I really loved due to the crazy tax and how I can get a lot of the stuff closer to home.


  1. cute blog! i love that lace scarf!

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