June 24, 2012

Travel Makeup: Going Boating!

So today I went on a boat with my family for the day, and although I didn't really need makeup, I decided to bring the minimal amount. 

I put what I brought in this cute little makeup bag I got from K-Mart last year.

One thing I brought that was completely non-beauty related: Trident Layers gum! This flavor is amazing: juicy berry and tangy tangerine. It's definitely my favorite flavor of all of the Trident Layers.

Then, of course, I brought a mirror. This one's from Forever 21 and it was about $3.

Next I brought my Maybelline concealer, just in case I needed to conceal any blemishes or if my under-eye circle were bad.

To protect my lips from the sun, I brought my softlips lip protectant with 20 SPF. This is great for keeping your lips moisturized and unaffected by the sun.

Finally, I brought my Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara and a Revlon eyelash curler.

So that was all I brought when I went on the boat. (Although my mom brought other stuff like sunscreen!)


  1. I have the same soft lips its great and sun proof, amazing!