August 04, 2012

elf Single Eyeshadow Review

I have 3 of these elf single eyeshadows, so I decided why not do a review on them? (Sorry about posting so much about elf! Since I had that huge haul I've been working with those products) I have them in oatmeal, pebble, and saddle.
Left to right: Oatmeal, Saddle, Pebble

Oatmeal is hard to see because it's such a skin-toned natural color. It's my favorite out of the three. Oatmeal has sparkle, while saddle has more of a sheen, and pebble is matte. I personally love these eyeshadows because for $3, you get a pretty good amount of product. A lot of elf products are hit and miss, but I think these are hits.

Left to right: Saddle, Pebble, Oatmeal


  1. I love the look of saddle, great post :)