August 08, 2012

Walking On Eggshells

Recently I picked up this Wet n Wild Trio in Walking on Eggshells, which is extremely popular around the beauty community. It was $2.69 at Giant. It comes with 3 eyeshadows that tell you exactly where they go. emilynoel83 on youtube (Beauty Broadcast) Talking about all three of these colors being dupes for mac eyeshadows!
This is perfect for everyday, school, work, whatever you do on a daily basis because it's pretty natural and easy and quick.

I took the eyelid shade and put it all over my lid and then fluffed the crease shade into my crease. I put a tiny bit of the browbone shade on my inner corner.
 I really love these eyeshadows, they're extremely pigmented and have an amazing price. Definitely my favorite drugstore eyeshadow brand!


  1. This is my absolutely favourite wet n' wild trio! The eyelid shade is so gorgeous!

  2. Hey I've nominated u for the Liebster award, head over to and check out the Liebster award post x