August 21, 2012

Benefit 'Tan About Town' Review

'Our mini kit for a "quickie" tan... so natural-looking, nobody will know it came from a box.'

Hey guys! So today I have a review on this mini kit from Benefit called 'Tan About Town'. It costs $12 and includes 3 mini products.

Here's a picture of the products in my hand so you can get a general idea of their size.

In these pictures I'm wearing the three products and those 3 products only. 
Left has flash, right has none.
I'm amazed by how well the Some Kind-a Gorgeous worked! My undereyes are nearly invisible and my redness on my cheeks looks like a pretty flush. The bronzer warmed up my face nicely and made me look less dead, but the mascara didn't do much at all.

Mini Hoola Bronzer                             full size: $28
Benefit's Description: Dust this soft bronze powder over your complexion for a healthy, natural looking "tan" year-round. No tanning bed necessary!  It's pure color - no sparkle and no shine!
My Thoughts: I like that this bronzer is matte because then you don't look shimmery, just tan. It also has great pigmentation. This product will probably get the least use however, because I don't use bronzer often. It does give nice warmth to the face and suits my skintone well. Light-medium skinned girls would enjoy this bronzer a lot. I've heard a lot about this bronzer on youtube also, many people love it. I might actually start wearing bronzer now that I have this one.

BADgal Lash Mini Mascara                   full size: $19
Benefit's Description: Sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes. It's as BAD as you want to be! Famously big, bodacious brush coats lashes with our super black formula.
My Thoughts: This mascara is nice, it has a big wand and a drier formula. I mean I like it, but it's not worth $19 for a full size. In my opinion, it's a little bit too dry of a formula. Since it's so dry, it's harder to build it up. I think Covergirl LashBlast and many other drugstore mascaras work just as well if not better, and for a much cheaper price. It's not bad, but you can find something better for less.
As you can see, my eyelashes look like they have absolutely no mascara on them. A disappointment.

Some Kind-a Gorgeous in Medium       full size: $30
Benefit's Description: Our oil-free, cream-to-powder formula fakes's silky, even perfection for your complexion! This "instant beauty boost" will even out your skintone, making it look chart-topping gorgeous! 
My Thoughts: I LOVE this product! It's exactly what I've been looking for for a very long time! It feels a little greasy on your finger, but after you apply it, it transforms to this silky perfect finish. I like it for covering up my problem spots (redness and undereye circles) and then I apply my Maybelline BB cream over my entire face and it makes me look flawless! I absolutely love this! However, $30 is a lot for one product, but I think I'd be willing. I found a new favorite product! I thought that medium would be too dark for me because I'm pale, but it does match me perfectly! In the winter months I'll probably need light though.

As a whole, I think this kit is a pretty good deal because you got to try 3 products for $12, so $4 each. Not bad for high end! If you want to try more benefit products, this would be a nice kit to buy.

These are the first benefit products I've ever tried, and 2/3 are amazing! I'm excited to try more of their products. I never really thought that high end products would be THAT much better than drugstore, but now that I'm trying more high-end products, I get why people are willing to spend so much money on them!

P.S. : My laptop isn't fixed yet :( some of these pictures were taken prior to the virus, and the others were added using my sisters computer. I'm back from the amusement park, and I'm making posts, but I can't post them until I can upload pics. I'm trying to get it fixed soon. :'(

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