January 08, 2013

Review: elf Custom Eyes singles

Ivory/Pink Ice/Wisteria/Wheat/Moondust/Aubergine

Hey guys! Today I have a review on these elf Custom Eyes singles. They cost $1 and are the same size as a mac eyeshadow. Mac eyeshadows cost $12 each, 12x the cost of a single eyeshadow from elf. They have a large range of colors, but these were the only ones available in my target. You can find the rest online. You can also buy a palette from elf that holds 4 of these for $1, but since I had space in my mac palette I put them in there. I bought 6: ivory, a shimmery white, pink ice, a very light shimmery pink, wisteria, a shimmery light lilac/pinkish purple, wheat, a shimmery golden brown, moondust, a shimmery medium brown, and aubergine, a shimmery plum/eggplant. These eyeshadows are nicely pigmented, very soft, and buttery. When using them, you should definitely not swirl your brush, because it will cause a lot of fallout. A simple tap will give you the product needed, similar to wet n wild eyeshadows. The lighter colors aren't shockingly pigmented especially on the eyes, but hey, they are light colors. WIsteria, the light lilac/pink definitely isn't quite as vibrant on the eyes, but all the darker colors show up lovely. Now, here's for the shocking thing: I like these better than my mac eyeshadows! I'm the first one to admit I love me some expensive makeup with fancy name brands, but when it comes down to price and what works best, I have to side with these little babies. I'm so excited to try more colors, because the website has so many more gorgeous options! So, overall, even if you don't have a mac palette, get an elf quad and fill it. These are definitely worth the $5 it'll cost you to make the palette.

Pigmentation: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Color Selection: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5


  1. These sound great! I really love the richness of some of the colours.

  2. These look so good I want to try them!


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