January 14, 2013

Month of Fitness: Happy & Healthy

Hey guys! So I have decided to start something new: a fitness/diet routine. Now I'm not in anyway saying that I need to lose weight because that isn't what I need to do. I need to tone and strengthen my non-existent muscles, work on my flexibility, and try to have a better diet. So I have decided that this will be a month long journey, ending on Valentine's Day! We'll see where it goes from there. To track my progress and posts pertaining to Month of Fitness, I will be labeling all associated posts with mof. First order of business, I'm going to lay down some boundaries for myself.

I'm not a hardcore exerciser, but I do walk my dogs every night with my mom for around an hour. On top of that I have found some youtube videos that I would like to use, mostly yoga. You can see the playlist of videos here I have to do two videos each day, as well as play dance central on my xbox (which is fun anyways hahaha).

I must always eat breakfast. My doctor tells me this is necessary, and when you don't, more fat is produced on your body. Whether it's something as small as a fruit or a yogurt, I still need to eat something.
Lunch! Milk is great for my growing bones, so I can't buy any fancy sugary drinks. Also, no more snacks! I always get cookies or brownies, and I'll start buying fruit instead. Also, I can not buy from the pizza and fries line for the month. (My school has a center line that has things like that.)
Snacks: I can have one snack a day, no more.
For dinner, I will drink water, but eat whatever my parents feed me. Haha :)
Throughout the day, I must drink lots of water. Water is so good for you and your skin, so it's essential to have with you at all times.
*remember, this diet isn't a diet for losing weight, it's an attempt to feel and be healthier.

I hope you guys enjoy this new series, as I know I have never done posts of this genre, but I am very excited to start! I'll be keeping a journal and posting every friday.


  1. These are great goals!! I am the worst for not eating breakfast but am trying to force myself!! I always find if I don't eat in the morning I eat way too much in the evening!!

  2. This is a wonderful idea. It's clear that you've thought a lot about what you want. I'm currently trying to do something similar - basically exercising more and eating better. I need to start taking care of myself more!