June 18, 2012

New York City Haul: Clothes

Also in NYC, I got some clothes (not many).
First at American Eagle they were having their buy one short and get a second for $10, so I went simple and got jean shorts and tan shorts. It was $50 for both of them.

Then, at Forever 21, I got a plain brownish-peachy-pink shirt with a sheer stripe going down the back. It was about 14, and is a great simple shirt that's very versatile.

I tried on so many things at so many different stores, but I hardly liked anything! Everything was too short, too long, too big, too small, and just fit weird. So, my shopping wasn't exactly easy. :P

Then, a few days ago after I got back I got a bikini top from H&M that I figured I'd throw into this haul, since it's only one thing. Its black and tan, and looks like a bandu top, but it has a rope-style halter tie strap with two tassles. It's super cute, but they didn't have the bottoms in my size, so now I'm on the search for a plain black bottom. The top was about $15.

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