July 03, 2012

Small Haul!

So I was at RiteAid and I saw that they had Covergirl makeup for buy one get one 50% off, so I decided to get two of their single eyeshadows I've been wanting. The left one is called 'champagne' and the rightt one is called 'tapestry taupe'. I also picked up a petites nail polish in passion orange, which is more of a coral color.  It's not the best quality nail polish, but it's a gorgeous color. It's on my nails in the second picture. Lastly, I saw that RiteAid had their own makeup brushes, and I am always in need of more brushes, so I decided to get one. It's just the single eyeshadow brush and it's actually really soft and works pretty well. I'm impressed with the quality. So that was all I got from Rite Aid! Hope you enjoyed this small haul.


  1. Great post dear<3
    come by and lets fllw each other if you love to do:))

  2. I have both of those CoverGirl eyeshadows and I absolutely love Champagne! It's a gorgeous highlight for anywhere on the eyes and face xoxo

  3. the colour is amazing dear.,,what a lovely nail polish! nice post :D
    btw maybe we can fllw each other?let me know

  4. love that colour!!
    maybe could we follow each oher??

  5. Great haul =) Love the bright color polish, and I have always been partial with brown eyeshadow!
    - Che


  6. Lovely haul! Love the colour of that polish :) xo


  7. The nail polish looks really nice!:)