July 09, 2012

Eyeshadow Look: Teal & Purple

So after watching emilynoel83's newest tutorial on youtube, I decided that I wanted to give the teal/purple look a try, and I really do love it. It's really simple and really glamorous, perfect for a party or a dinner.

What I Used:
elf 100 color pro palette 
ULTA pencil eyeliner in peacock
NYX eyeshadow base

1. Apply a primer or a base all over your lid and a little bit into your crease. I used NYX's eyeshadow base in white.
2. Take a medium teal color and place that all over your lid.
3. Take a darker teal color and lightly pat that on your outer corner.
4. Lightly fluff a dark purple into your crease
5. Apply a teal eyeliner on your waterline. I used one from ULTA. 
6. Curl your lashes really well and really build up that mascara to give the look it's finishing touch.

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