September 07, 2012

Best & Worst: elf Essential $1 Brushes

Hey guys! So today I have a post about elf brushes. These are from the essential line, and they cost $1. I have tried 7, but there are still more for me to try. 
The Worst: 
elf smudge eye sponge: you know how some eyeliner come with a smudger on the end? that's literally what this is. I don't use it, like ever, and I didn't expect it to be like this. it's also much harder than most smudgers. this isn't very useful

elf fan brush: doesn't sweep away fallen eyeshadow like it should, doesn't pick up product easily, and once again isn't very useful.

The Best:

elf crease brush: nice and small, gets eyeshadows where you want them. nice for putting shadow under the lashline. 

elf blending brush: i wish it was bigger, but it does work nicely. 

elf eyeshadow brush: perfect for putting shadow all over the lid. 

*These brushes are a must-have for only $1!

I also have two other brushes from elf but I didn't have that much of an opinion of them that they would belong in either the best or the worst. I have the eyeliner brush and the eyebrow comb. 

Keep in mind I haven't tried every single brush in their line. But of the ones I have tried, these are the best, the worst, and the inbetweeners. I'm looking forward to trying their $3 brushes.