September 09, 2012

Makeup Storage/Collection

Hey guys! So today I have a post about my makeup storage/collection. I really like how my makeup is stored right now, so I figured I'd do a post about it! For the first part of my makeup storage, I have a 3-drawer container that has my makeup in it. The floral container above it holds my makeup brushes, and I just have a container of vaseline next to it because apparently it makes your eyelashes longer if you use it enough, so I've been putting it on my eyelashes before I go to bed. Behind that are my palettes, I have a letter separater thingy. It has two compartments. In the first in my Urban Decay Feminine Palette, and then the second has my Mac palette and my Naked palette of course. Next to all of that are the lotion and body spray I use daily. The lotion is bath and body works warm harvest apple, and I looove apple scents so I use this so much. Then I have my crescent bay hollister body spray which smells so sweet and fruity. Now to the drawers!

In the bottom drawer I have lip and face products.

In the middle drawer I have eyeshadows. 

and in the top drawer I have eyeliner, mascara, and primer!

Then, across my room I have this pink box. Also my elf palette is behind it but I don't use it often.

I keep all of the makeup I don't use as often in this box.

Hope you guys enjoyed! If you want more in-depths posts about what's in my drawers, or what's in the box, just let me know in the comments!


  1. that pink box is adorable! i actually have a few boxes like that, great idea! thanks for sharing :D

    hope you stop by and say hi