November 17, 2012

Hard Candy ♥ Stroke of Gorgeous Review

This is the second product I've tried from Hard Candy. The first being their baked eyeshadow duos. This eyeliner is teal and vibrant. When I purchased this I thought it was navy blue because that was what the set up depicted, but was disappointed by the bright teal color. Also, the pen applicator was hard for me to use, if you're used to it, it probably wouldn't be an issue but I found it very difficult. Other than that, the color stays a long time, it practically stained my arm! It was hard to remove even with makeup remover. For some people this might be an amazing product, but for me it just doesn't work. 

1 comment:

  1. The color is beautiful, too bad it didn't work out! I also dislike using products that are difficult to remove... can't be too good for your skin!

    Ellie @ Ellalogy