November 19, 2012

Revlon Eyeliner Review ♥ Blackberry

This is a crayon eyeliner from Revlon in the color blackberry, a grayish muted purple. I bought this and was extremely excited to try a plum eyeliner, however, I was disappointed. It's very difficult to apply, and doesn't transfer onto the eye well. I tried running it across my hand a few times to warm it up, but it was still difficult. I don't like doing negative reviews, but this product definitely wasn't worth it. The one good thing about this is it's staying power. I had to scrub really hard to get the swatch off. I'll have to continue my search for a plum eyeliner.


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    Also the colour of that eye liner is beautiful!

  2. I would be disappointed too after seeing how it turns out on your arm! I always like my eyeliner to be as jet black as possible and this is definitely not a good one! Great review and thanks for sharing ;)

    The Closet 365

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