November 27, 2012

Tarte Deluxe Primer Trio Review

First Impressions:
Clean Slate Poreless: I was honestly very disappointed with this. When I applied it, it felt greasy and gross on my skin. It was a clear gel like texture. All day I was itching to wipe my makeup off of my face. It didn't do anything to improve the appearance or lasting power of my makeup. I wore my Maybelline BB cream with it, which isn't technically a foundation, but my friend Savannah wears foundation and she got this trio as well, and had the same opinion. I will definitely not be buying the full size in this.

Clean Slate Flawless: This primer felt much better going onto my skin. It was a cream rather than a gel, so it sunk into my skin well. It had a slightly citric smell, but it was pleasant. I only wore powder on top of it, but it felt much better.

Eye Primer: This did as it was supposed to, kept my eyeshadow on all day, but it's a bit liquidy. I find that I like my UDPP much better because it's easier to blend in and you don't have to worry about having too much. Overall, it's a fine product, and works perfectly, but I'd choose UDPP over it.

Second Impressions:

Clean Slate Flawless: I wore this cream under a foundation and it was just as great as it was with the powder. It feels really nice on your skin and has a nice citric smell. It felt moisturizing, but not greasy. The foundation stayed on throughout an entire sweet sixteen party, and I was dancing all night! I really love this product.

Primer: I tried the primer again, and I do like it a lot. I wish that the dispenser was different because you have to squeeze a lot to get it out and usually when it comes out it's too much. I wish that it had a wand instead, but the product works and that's what really matters.

Overall: I love the Clean State Flawless primer, and I like the eye primer, but I really dislike the Clean Slate Poreless primer.


  1. Shame about the clean slate poreless primer, that was the one I was the most hopeful about!

    Lea x

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    1. i think it would suit someone with a different skin type, but it just felt gross on me!

  2. Great review! I was looking to pick this up at sephora cause it was such a good price but maybe I'll think about it.

    1. it's definitely a good price. you might have different results with the one primer i didn't like. some people like different things!

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